BiochemistryIn this unit we will explore the chemistry of living things. Every living thing is a mass of functional molecules and ! Amazing!


"Hi I am Glucose but you can call me Sugar!"

Book: Chapter 6



Why Not Eat Insects?

Click the link below. Watch with the family. Is this something you'd be willing to try? Why or Why not?

Homework April 25 Wednesday

Review the vocabulary nightly!

Read this and follow the links H.pylori

Think about what we've been doing lately with our enzyme labs- be sure that you understand the basics!

2nd peer review on project Friday April 27th.

Homework April 20th Friday - April 22th Sunday

Take notes on the following videos. Be ready to discuss and connect these ideas and concepts to the labs we do Friday and Monday.

Molecules of Life overview and review. Some parts a little advanced but the basics are great and Paul is a nice person.


Water -Essential for all living things

A Can of Bull - A case study about macromolecules

Homework April 19th Thursday due on Friday April 20th

1. Write up from Water Olympics- Connect the properties of water that you investigated with functions of water as an important molecule of living organisms. (reference Ch 6 section 2)

2. Write up-Testing for Macro Molecules - based on what you know about important macromolecules (Ch 6 section 3), provide an evaluation of the McDonald's breakfast meal you analyzed.

* A write up will consistent of a minimum of 7 sentences where you use important vocabulary and make connections using evidence from your investigations and content that you've learned.

Homework April 11th

1. Finish questions from Case Study Can of Bull.

2. Have background, problem statement, hypothesis, materials, procedures, and sample data table ready for peer review tomorrow.

Homework April 10thTake notes on the following videos and be ready to discuss in class tomorrow! Be sure to write down any questions you have as you work through it.Organic Compounds


Lipids and Fats

Nucleic Acids