May 14th- May 18th

May 16th Wednesday: STUDY STUDY STUDY for your first big test! Chapter 6, 7, 8, and 9! Cells and Energetics!

For Your Review:

Chp 6 Practice Test 1

( This is a trial test site- hope it works)

Chp 6 Glencoe Book


Cell Structure and Function

Ch 7 Cells Organelles and Functions

Ch 8 Cell Transport and Cell Cycle

Ch 9 Cell Energetics

May 15th Tuesday

Review VOCABULARY tonight!

Play the Cell Cycle Game - take notes as you go so you'll remember important information

Play The DNA game! This is a fun intro to base pairing! DNA is what unifies and diversifies everything!!! It is amazing!!

Watch the following videos to better understand Mitosis and DNA Structure! Take notes if needed but we will review in class tomorrow!

Cell Division Overview


DNA Structure

DNA Replication

May 14th Monday

Complete review sheet for Cell organelles and Cell Transport

May 7th- May 11th

May 11th Friday

May 9thWednesday

  • Giant Cell Tomorrow! presentations and organelles at the ready!

  • Progress Reports tomorrow...you will have zeros for missing work. These must be made up before May 17th.

  • Photosynthesis Webquest: Due on to me on Friday!

  • Unit Test on Chps 6,7,8,9 Next Thursday May 17th.

May 7 Monday

Ch 9 Reading Guide

April 30- May 4th

In general, a 30-40 minute study time should look like this:

1) review vocabulary

2) Watch videos or inter-actives and take notes

3) Review what you've done- write down any questions you have

4) Review the vocabulary once more

Thursday May 3rd


How Osmosis works

Quiz yourself at the end! How'd you do?

Diffusion and Osmosis

Once you've completed the tutorial, take the quiz- how did you do?

Facilitated Diffusion-What's that?

Quiz yourself- how'd you do?

Tuesday 5/1:

1) Finish up your reading guide for tomorrow. Be sure you are prepared! Hint Hint!
2) Continue to work on project with group members
3) Watch and take notes on the videos below:

Monday 4/30:

  • Begin reading guide- you should be finished on Wednesday

  • Work through the interactive here: What Kind Of Cell?

  • Come to class with any questions tomorrow!

Watch this video and take notes...come to class with any questions.