Honors Biology Research Project

Spring 2012

Research Project Requirements and Support materials

Topic Submission FormTopic Submission Form Complete by March 9th

Research Project Protocol

For each phase of this project, you will submit your written material as a shared Google Document. To do this, you will need to compose the written pieces of your project in Google Docs or in Word and then upload into Google Docs. I STRONGLY encourage you to consider writing in Google Docs and then exporting to Word at the end. This way -nothing is lost. NO EXCUSES! Once you've completed the written work, choose the share button and share with Mr. Ritchie or myself (I suggest both-more feedback = better paper). Our emails are as follows:

Lynne Gronback: Lynne.gronback@orange.k12.nc.us

David Ritchie: David.ritchie@orange.k12.nc.us

Patrick Kavanaugh: Patrick.kavanaugh@orange.k12.nc.us

LabWrite: From NCSU-used at State in undergraduate science lab courses. The LabWrite site has useful and helpful information that will help you better understand experiment design, variable control and manipulation and will provide a structured way for you to work through the lab writing process.

Phase 1

Background information, Hypothesis, variable selection, Materials and Procedure due between March 18th -22nd. Feedback can be given and you can move on to running the experiment and completing Phase 2.